A list of all Actions, Conditions and Expressions supported in this addon.


  • Actions

    Read from ({0})

    Read QR Code

  • Conditions

    On Read

    Triggered when QR code is read

    On Error

    Triggered on encountering an error

  • Expressions


    Get the Data of the last read QR Code


  • Actions

    Generate QR Code ({0}, {1}, {2}, {3}, {4}, {5})

    Generate QR Code

  • Conditions

    On Generated

    Triggers when QR Code Generation is complete

  • Expressions


    Get an URL of the generated QR Code


    Get an URL of the generated QR Code

Encode using Google API (Deprecated)


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  • This plugin is missing the QRCode generator part. Is using Chart Google api, is not always working

    Please consider use a client-side generated code implementing this

  • [SOLVED] In C3 r234 this plugin generates some incompatibilities with Pin to object behavior and nothing can be seen in debug preview.

    • Do you mean you are pinning a Sprite?

    • Hi, how are you pinning this object?

      This plugin is not meant for Pinning

      • No, what I mean is that it generates various compatibility errors with other C3 behaviors. At the moment I have found that for a strange reason if you had the Pin to object behavior in a Text, sprite, etc. this doesn't work anymore, the object just won't pin. But when I remove the QR Scanner plugin and try to pin some object, everything works normally again. So far it is the only incompatibility that I have found together with the error that the Debug Layout screen cannot be seen, I do not know if the plugin is generating conflict with other Behaviors / Plugins.

        P.D: I have The worker turned off.

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  • So I have a QR code on my phone and the app running on my laptop.. I show the QR code from my phone to my laptop and click decode and nothing is happening. I am running the latest stable version and using your example.

    • Hi, I just tried on my laptop, its working. But the obstacle was the reflections of the phone screen on laptop camera due to which several qr code refections were like overlapping. This was messing up with the reading process.

  • Very good plugin, but i cannot get it to read an QR code properly, when i show the code, it does not do anything, i gave the permissions and did everything, can you help me?

  • I am using r210.2. When this plugin is in any of my projects, Chrome will only ever give me a black window. Works great in Safari and Firefox however!

  • i can t open camera to scan qr code, do you have a tutorial?