Yandex SDK

Yandex SDK API Manager for Yandex.Games

Param: Fullscreen on start(Enable Fullscreen on game start.)

Param: Orientation(Device orientation portrait or landscape or any.)

Param: Lock orientation(Lock orientation. Yandex SDK ask user for rotate device if orientations does not match.)

Param: Metrica ID(Yandex.Metrica Counter ID for use Metrica Actions. 0 is don't load and use Metrica.)


Show Fullscreen

Show fullscreen banner.

Reach Goal

Send Goal to Yandex.Metrica

Sign in

Auth player by Yandex.Passport.

Load Catalog

Load products catalog.

Load Purchases

Load player purchases.


Buy product by ID.

Show Rewarded Video

Show rewarded video.

Consume Purchase

Consume purchase by id.

Increment State

Add Value to player state key.

Set Player State

Set Value of player state key.

Set Player Data

Set Value of player data key.

Load Player Stats

Load player stats.

Load Player Data

Load player data.


On Adv Close

Triggers when adv was closed (by player, adblock, or error).

On First Adv Closed

Triggers when first adv was closed (by player, adblock, or error).

On Sign In Failed

Yandex doesn't send player data (popup closed, client or server error, etc.).

On Sign In Success

Triggers when player data arrived successful.

Is Signed In

Is Player Signed In Yandex.Passport.

Is Purchases Available

True if application has successul moderated purchases. False if not or error.

Has Any Purchase

Player has any purchase.

On Buy Success

On buy success

On Buy Failed

On buy failed

On Any Buy Success

On any buy success

On Any Buy Failed

On any buy failed

On Purchases Load Success

On player purchases load success.

On Purchases Load Failed

On player purchases load failed.

On Catalog Load Success

On catalog of products load success.

On Catalog Load Failed

On catalog of products load failed.

Has Purchase

Has purchased product (by ID).

Each Product

For each product in catalog.

Each Purchase

For each bought player purchase.

On Rewarded Video Open

Triggers when rewarded video open.

On Rewarded Video Close

Triggers when rewarded video close.

On Rewarded Video Error

Triggers when rewarded video throw error.

On Rewarded Video Reward

Triggers when player watched rewarded video.

On Increment Player State Failed

Trigger when increment player state key failed.

On Set Player State Failed

Trigger when set player state key failed.

On Set Player Data Failed

Trigger when set player data key failed.

On Load Player Stats Success

Trigger when player stats loaded.

On Load Player Stats Failed

Trigger when player stats load error.

On Load Player Data Success

Trigger when player data loaded.

On Load Player Data Failed

Trigger when player data load error.

On Consume Success

On consume purchase success.

On Consume Failed

On consume purchase failed.

On Any Consume Success

On any consume purchase success.

On Any Consume Failed

On any consume purchase failed.


Player Name

Player ID

Player photo (small)

Player photo (medium)

Player photo (large)

Current Product ID

Current Product Title

Current Product Image

Current Product Description

Current Product Price

Current Purchase ID

Current Purchase Token

Current Purchase Sign

Get Purchase Token

Last Purchase ID

Last Purchase Token

Get Product Title

Get Product Description

Get Product Image

Get Product Price

Last Player State Key

Last Player Data Key

Get Player State

Get Player Data


Only users with paid Construct 3 plans can download monetisation addons.



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  • Latest download count 104 downloads of latest version
  • Average download count1 downloads per day average



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  • Thanks for this plugin!

  • C3 runtime поддерживает? Разраб русский, так что не кидайтесь камнями)

  • ладно разобрался плагин топ! Рекомендую всем!

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  • Спасибо <3

  • Does this work for exporting construct 3? And will the application be blocked on GooglePlay if there are purchases from Yandex and googleplay in the application at the same time?