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Exposes the SDK runtime to the global scope. Don't use this unless you know what you are doing.



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  • This addon is great! It helps with implementing things on the fly to convert them into plugins. While the drawbacks are pretty big, as long as people understand the use case, it's great! Thank you!

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    I have to point out that the entire reason there are separate scripting APIs is so we can update them separately. For example we can overhaul the engine without breaking projects using scripting. Exposing the internal engine classes to scripting completely undermines this and risks causing compatibility nightmares. A worst case scenario is that so many people use this, that we cannot implement major new features or optimisations because it would break too many projects. I can't stop you publishing this addon, but I must strongly advise that nobody use this.

    • This wouldn't be necessary if it was exposed already but not documented, it's totally understandable your point, but indeed it's our own fault if something breaks in our project because we are using it, still please consider making it available but not documented :)

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        Some things are not documented for a good reason (e.g. we intend to remove it), and other things aren't yet supported for a good reason (e.g. we intend to overhaul the feature before adding APIs for it).

    • I completely agree and this addon was designed to be confusing for anyone who wouldn't explicitly know the implications of using it.

      As an additional precaution, I have marked it as deprecated to refrain too many people from using it mindlessly.

      And, just to be clear, this is mainly to be able to do things that the current scripting runtime doesn't allow for, while waiting for it to get updated.

  • How can I use sdk,? where can I find the manual? I want to expand the function of the original js. For example, mirroring reverses objects. Or modify the effect. of the object. Or modify its behavior parameters. What am I supposed to do? Where can I find sdk's manual!

  • for what purpose has been develop this plugin? can you please make an example? tx

    • Currently, Construct 3 has JS features and a scripting runtime.

      However, that runtime is very limited at the moment, and C3 gives a different runtime to addons which is much much more powerful.

      All this addon does is expose the SDK's runtime to the global scope so you can use it from the JS scripts and make use of the full power of the engine.

      The addon does nothing else, and is only meant to be plug and play

      EDIT: Note that I made a mistake in 1.0 and if you downloaded the addon, you should download 1.1 instead