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Group objects together in hierarchies. This addon is part of the ProUI Collection:

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  • The example files works, but as soon as i start a new project, or add the behavior to an exiting project i just get a black screen with this error in the console.

    Seems related to having "Worker" set to Auto

    Setting it to "No" runs the app

    Uncaught (in promise) ReferenceError: window is not defined

    at new MyBehaviorInstance (fb0176cb-e59e-4bb7-8f32-9f2c389b6553:22)

    at Function.New (jsutil.js:9)

    at BehaviorInstance._CreateSdkInstance (behaviorInstance.js:2)

    at Instance._CreateSdkInstance (instance.js:6)

    at C3Runtime.CreateInstanceFromData (runtime.js:47)

    at Layer.CreateInitialInstances (layer.js:6)

    at Layout._CreateInitialInstances (layout.js:17)

    at Layout._StartRunning (layout.js:13)

    at C3Runtime.Start (runtime.js:34)

    at async C3Runtime.Init (runtime.js:24)

  • Hi,

    This behaviour causes a black screen when working with the multiplayer.