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Extends the built-in Touch plugin's behavior with additional settings: ignore invisible objects, don't click/touch through objects and others

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    This just needs to be built into C3 by default! There's an idea that's been out there for a while.

  • Hi Again valerypopoff!

    found another thing

    if two touchable objects are overlaping still both be touched even "Dont Touch Through Objects" checked

    • Ok, I've investigated it and you're not gonna like what I'm gonna say))

      Here's the thing.

      What you see is not a bug in the TouchPlus plugin. It is a peculiarity of how Destroy action works in Construct when it gets the instances from a Touch condition when it comes to instances of the same object type. In your case you have ovelapping instances of the same object type "DropRecursos" (yes, it's a family but in this regard it is treated like an object type).

      You can check it by printing the instance's UID before the "Destroy" action and you'll see taht only one UID gets printed before both instances dissapear.

      • Actually, you don't even need to have TouchPlus plugin in the project to witness that. Create a new project, add Sprite, Browser and Touch. Put two instances of the sprite to the layout so they overlap. Then add events:

        "On touched Sprite" →

        Browser: Log in console Sprite.UID

        Sprite: Destroy

        Launch the project and click where two instances of the sprite overlap. Both of them will desappear. See the console: only one UID is printed.

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    • Can't reproduce. Can you send me the project file?

  • Hi Again valerypopoff!

    Another bug, no more than 2 layouts

    if i have 5 layouts the plugin work fine on 1 and 2 but in 3º all touch is blocked even all checkbox are unchecked.

    and again no console information.... unless yours console.log xD

  • Hi Valerypopoff!

    For some strange reason, this plugin does not work on my project...

  • Very good plugin, but broken if used with families.. sad

    Uncaught TypeError: this._IdentifyTopLevelGroup is not a function

  • Thank you for the hotfix valerypopoff

    This is really for me one of the most useful plugins for UI-Logic in Construct 3. UI-Creation/Coding is a hell without this....

  • Haven´t tried it but this is so useful! <3

  • Thank you for this... But on r181.2 beta, i can click on the square with and without popup with any opacity.

    ( Construct 3 Standalone Application - Windows 10 )

    • Thanks for the report. Confirmed. Will figure it out soon.

      Works fine in the latest stable version though: Release r171.3 stable

    • Fixed in v.1.1.0.

      Now working in Construct versions up to r181-2. The newer versions should also work fine. They changed how the conditions are stored in r175, so I adapted the plugin to it.

      • Its strange. In my current (larger) project (r182 stable), the plugin don't work. I get always the error:

        Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'GetPlugin' of null

        at C3.Action._PostInit (action.js:1)

        at C3.EventBlock._PostInit (eventBlock.js:1)

        at C3.EventBlock._PostInit (eventBlock.js:1)

        at C3.EventBlock._PostInit (eventBlock.js:1)

        at C3.EventSheet._PostInit (eventSheet.js:1)

        at 602adb74-e077-4fa0-ad11-452a2e399c19:367

        at Array.forEach (<anonymous>)

        at SingleGlobalInstance.highjack (602adb74-e077-4fa0-ad11-452a2e399c19:365)

        at 602adb74-e077-4fa0-ad11-452a2e399c19:397

        But, when i create a complete new project, i can't reproduce the bug...

        Can i send you the example-file with the bug in discord?

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  • This is so helpful

  • hi, i am getting this error when exporting my game to android with minimy mode set to advance. what should I do

    /str/c3runtime.js:4051:1: ERROR - [JSC_UNDEFINED_VARIABLE] variable C3 is undeclared

    4051| C3.Plugins.ValerypopoffTouchPlusPlugin = class SingleGlobalPlugin extends C3.SDKPluginBase


    1 error(s), 0 warning(s)

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