Newgrounds Authentication Port


A list of all Actions, Conditions and Expressions supported in this addon.


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  • Conditions

    On Login Success

    Triggered when login success.

    On login error

    Triggered when login error.

    On Login Cancelled

    Triggered when the user cancels the login process.

    Is Logged In

    Return true if the user is logged in.

Logged out

  • Actions


    Logs out the current user.

  • Conditions

    On Logged Out

    Triggered when the user has logged out.


  • Expressions


    Get user name of current session.


    Get user id of current session.


    Get user icon URL of current session. Add 1st parameter to 0=small, 1=medium, 2=large


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  • The new Newgrounds API changes broke these plugins, now if I have them in my project none of the layouts will load.

  • Hey there, !

    I am sorry I have to bother you with this, but may I report you a few issues, since I think this may be the right place for them? One is related to the Newgrounds.io API stuff themselves and another being the game not minifying in the Advanced mode on with the added plug-in.

    I may have to send in each error under this comment's replies because of the character limit in these things...Ugh, how these suuu-UUUCK.

    And a question in advance: I feel like you may know what to do how to fix the Advanced minify issue (while I stick to the "Simple" mode), do you know what I could do to get around that API related issue if there is no way that could be fixed?

    Thank you very much in advance!

    • Hi there... the ng API has a lot of problems with the C3 engine as a result of the constant C3 upgrades, the NG API is not fully compatible with minification and the latest features of C3. Although you can still use the plugin and it will work, I'm no longer providing updates for this since the root cause of the problem is the NG API itself. Sorry for the inconvenience. As an alternative, you can implement your own version using C3 scripting, or fork the plugin source and try to fix it by yourself. This plugin is a port from REX old plugins.

    • 2) Advanced Minifying Error

      Here's another funny little thing - it does minify in a "Simple" mode (r256 beta, by the way), while upon using the "Advanced" mode, I received this error log:

      /str/c3runtime.js:3179:6: ERROR - [JSC_UNDEFINED_VARIABLE] variable i is undeclared

      3179| for(i=0; i<this._event_listeners[type].length; i++) {


      /str/c3runtime.js:3530:2: ERROR - [JSC_UNDEFINED_VARIABLE] variable event is undeclared

      3530| event = new Newgrounds.io.events.OutputEvent("cancelLoginRequest",null,null);


      2 error(s), 0 warning(s)

    • 1) Newgrounds.io Thing (HTML5)

      In short, it works as it should...while the game that uses this plugin is not hosted on Newgrounds itself, as weird as it sounds.

      The thing is, the Authentication tries to open up the Newgrounds Passport popup window when the "Login" action is triggered, and while it does so successfully anywhere else but Newgrounds, the thing doesn't work on Newgrounds (given that the user already should be logged in prior to game booting up anyway...), meanwhile it sends an error log in the browser console, and it doesn't recognize the current user.

      Uncaught ReferenceError: window is not defined

      at Newgrounds.io.SessionLoader.loadPassport (c3runtime.js:1628)

      at Newgrounds.io.core.requestLogin (c3runtime.js:1544)

      at c3runtime.js:1971

      at c3runtime.js:1624

      at c3runtime.js:1627

      at Newgrounds.io.core._doCallback (c3runtime.js:1548)

      at XMLHttpRequest.h.onreadystatechange (c3runtime.js:1552)

  • Hey! Would it be possible to update the addon? Right now it does not work without the classic javascript mode enabled and that will be deprecated in the next version!

  • Hey

    Can you possibly update the newgrounds plugins to match the new C3 requirements?


  • Hey ,

    I'm running into an issue with this plugin.

    I have all three newgrounds plugins installed in C3. Before adding in any of the objects, my game runs fine, but when I simply add the Authentication object to my project it no longer runs. It's just a black screen. The debug launcher gets stuck at "loading 100%"

    I am aware that you did not create this plugin, but if you, by chance, have a solution to this, or at least a clue as to what could be happening, I'll be very appreciative for that information.

    I am running Construct 3 Release r197.2 stable and I have no other plugins besides the C3 default plugins


    • Hi Jauq, it can be that your game is now running on worker mode. Please verify that you have it disabled. These plugins don't support workers, you can just go to your project advanced settings and uncheck the worker mode box. If this still fail to work, do this:

      1. Run the game and wait for the blank screen

      2. Press F12 (on chrome) or equivalent to open the debug view.

      3. Look for any "red" messages with code & stack traces, and if you find any send me a screenshot of the message.

      You can reach me on twitter if you are still running into poblems.


      • Hey thanks for the quick reply!

        Disabling worker mode fixed it me.

        Just wanted to confirm that just in case others have a similar problem and turn to the comments.

  • this dance is good to play but the other one is ugly