Newgrounds Authentication Port


A list of all Actions, Conditions and Expressions supported in this addon.


  • Actions



  • Conditions

    On login success

    Triggered when login success.

    On login error

    Triggered when login error.

    On login cancel

    Triggered when login cancel.

    Is login

    Return true if login.

Logging out

  • Actions

    Logging out

    Logging out.

  • Conditions

    On logged out

    Triggered when logged ou.


  • Expressions


    Get user name of current session.


    Get user id of current session.


    Get user icon URL of current session. Add 1st parameter to 0=small, 1=medium, 2=large

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  • Hey sotano42

    Can you possibly update the newgrounds plugins to match the new C3 requirements?


  • Hey sotano42,

    I'm running into an issue with this plugin.

    I have all three newgrounds plugins installed in C3. Before adding in any of the objects, my game runs fine, but when I simply add the Authentication object to my project it no longer runs. It's just a black screen. The debug launcher gets stuck at "loading 100%"

    I am aware that you did not create this plugin, but if you, by chance, have a solution to this, or at least a clue as to what could be happening, I'll be very appreciative for that information.

    I am running Construct 3 Release r197.2 stable and I have no other plugins besides the C3 default plugins


    • Hi Jauq, it can be that your game is now running on worker mode. Please verify that you have it disabled. These plugins don't support workers, you can just go to your project advanced settings and uncheck the worker mode box. If this still fail to work, do this:

      1. Run the game and wait for the blank screen

      2. Press F12 (on chrome) or equivalent to open the debug view.

      3. Look for any "red" messages with code & stack traces, and if you find any send me a screenshot of the message.

      You can reach me on twitter if you are still running into poblems.


      • Hey thanks sotano42 for the quick reply!

        Disabling worker mode fixed it me.

        Just wanted to confirm that just in case others have a similar problem and turn to the comments.

  • this dance is good to play but the other one is ugly