Caustic Wave based on by Emil.

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  • very nice, I loved it. thanks for sharing

    • You are welcome, if you do something with it, it would be great to see it, perhaps drop a link here in comments if you can.

  • I like the effect. I've tried to apply it to a layer. Is there a way to tune the effect to change the scale for X or Y axis?

  • I mixed the addon, it was the "copy" from u as well... Sorry

    • No, I don't think that 'copy' will do split screen, but I've seen a lot of discussion on split screen in the forums and it seems like folks have some good ideas, I would search there. Good luck!

  • I mixed the addon, it was the "copy" from u as well... Sorry

  • Michal, i like this addon... Because it make me believe the split screen for 2 player on same layout is possible.... Do u belive this option is a dream? Good night...