GARP - Game resolution protocol for blockchain for construct 3

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Provides game resolution, leader board, statistics and payment for You and Your players for ATH and ETHO crypto currency

Example Files

This is really a basic template file without any game logic, just a screen with a start and stop button. Make sure the GARP module is installed and You have got the game credentials from the



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  • Hi

    Is it possible to use this addon to call tron smart contracts methods?


  • this game will be amasome

  • Hi. Is this plugin still active and supported by you? I would like to create multiplayer PVP games and the winner would receive cryptocurrencies. Is this possible to do with this plugin? Thanks

  • As constuct has changed the integration, make sure that Your project You are working on has in the advanced property section: Script type set to "Classic". Otherwise You will get a black preview screen

  • If You want to checkout some games with Atheios integrated visit:

  • Support is available on our discord server in the properties area #construct3