INJECT CSS 2 - Use CSS stylesheet in Construct 3

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css.c3p (163.73 KB)

Add, change and delete CSS (and style class)

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  • Hey,

    don't work anymore on version r237 with advanced minify.

  • took me quite a while to understand how to use it on another plugin, but I managed to do what I wanted with it in the end, nice job.

  • removed the inject JS option ? why ?

    • Because you can do this via Vanilla C3. Add a JS script in the editor and insert this

      runOnStartup(async runtime =>


      runtime.addEventListener("beforeprojectstart", () => LoadExternalScript(runtime));


      async function LoadExternalScript(runtime)


      await runtime.assets.loadScripts("");

      await runtime.assets.loadScripts("");


      I think it's better to use the official way instead of a custom option that replicates the official one.