Google Analytics and Handy Utilities (CSS and JS import)


A list of all Actions, Conditions and Expressions supported in this addon.

Google Analytics

  • Actions

    Send event {0} {1} {2} {3}

    Sends an event to google analytics service

HTML Tags handling utilities

  • Actions

    Script data {0}

    Imports Script into a HTML Script tag

    Script src {0}

    Imports Script into a HTML Script tag with SRC attribute

CSS Utilities

  • Actions

    CSS data {0}

    Imports CSS data into the project creating a style tag

Time utilities for JScript Date Object

  • Expressions


    Return time in milliseconds since midnight Jan 1 1970, and a specified date


    Retrieves browser's local-time


    Converts milliseconds to HH:MM:SS format


    Creates a date and returns its value in milliseconds


    Returns a UTC timestamp for today's date according.


    Converts date in milliseconds to UTC format


    Return a Date object as a String, using the ISO standard.

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  • I've added the plugin in my C3 file and the GA ID, I tried in testing mode but didn't send any data to my GA. Is there anything I've to do?

    • Hi josh! That's all you need. I'm using the plugin on several of my games without problem. Make sure you have entered the correct tracking id in the plugin, it must look like UA-012345678-1.

      You can also try to look for dumps in browser's console. For chrome you press CTRL+SHIFT+J to open it, look for the "Console" tab and see if there's any error(red) GA-related listed.

      If you'd like to discuss the problem in more detail, I'll be glad to help through discord Testing mode will send GA tracking while you are in preview mode, it has no effect on the final exported game.