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Mirror object around center Y axis (when internal feature does not work.)



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  • Thank you for this effect! It seems to be the only way to horizontally flip a user media object.

  • Thank you! This is what I just needed! This still works and it will save me a lot of time! I just wanted to mirror an entire layer without having to change the physics of my game. Love it!

  • Super simple feature, as it should be. Allowed me to flip User Media plugin to make it easier to use for the player. Saved me from a lot of headache!

  • Great, thank you very much, it's good for user midia.....

  • You have no idea how much time you just saved me! Big thanks to you my friend!

    • You are welcome! I am a little curious - how are you using it?

      • I'm working on a game called "One Drunken Knight" where, you guessed it, you drink to get special powers. Since the whole game is you trying to retrace your steps after a blackout, I'm using the Mirror Y plugin to set the platformer from right to left. I'm on Twitter at "@captainsteff". I haven't uploaded a video using the plugin yet, but I will this week.

        Thanks again!

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