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The author of this addon suggests you use Array instead.


Adds a queue data structure.

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1.0 (Current)
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  • can you describe a little bit more what this addon is for ?

    • Hello, there isn't much to say about it. It literally replicates the way Queues work as a data structure. I recommend you look at this page that explains it pretty well:

      Basically, it's like a list, but instead of being able to add or remove data where you want, you can only add data to the back and remove and get data from the front. It's a simpler and more narrowed down version of an array, but it's really useful when you only need that type of data structure, and not a whole array.

      For example, if you record a set of actions in your game, in order to replay it later, you can use a queue data structure. There are lots of applications for this.

  • Sadly does not work with C3 runtime would be a very useful plugin.