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Adds a simple outline, with color (ported r0j0hounds c2 original)



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  • this effect has bug. It create small outlines at edges of the sprite.

  • Thanks for this plugin Richard,

    Although This effect if applied on a layer, cause the layer above it to disappear when selected, with "Show Translucent Inactive Layers" option turned "On"

    Can you please fix this bug?

  • I think this effect needs to deal w/ spritesheeting (e.g. if neigboring sprites go to the edge of their sub-image in the spritesheet). Here's a clamp fix I am trying (replicate for other lines): mediump float a0 = texture2D(samplerFront, clamp(vTex + vec2(-dx*diag, dy*diag), srcOriginStart,srcOriginEnd)).a;

  • Thank you, this is very cool!

    Is there a way to keep the Outline Pixels the same even when resizing the object?

  • Thanks for your work!