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Experimental plugin, likely to change.

Draw FunkyQuad with arbitrary vertices, but funky texturing. Funky texturing is due to a quad being drawn as two triangles in C3.

Set ordering:

TopLeftX,TopLeftY TopRightX,TopRightY, BottomLeftX, BottomLeftY BottomRightX, BottomRightY

Contains one an which allows for arbitrarily setting the vertices of the FunkyQuad plugin. Also actions to set X,Y of all vertices separately. Also includes expressions for each vertex X,Y.

Does not have the actions/animations of a Sprite, not made to be a Sprite replacement, but can create some interesting effects.

Z-Order and Opacity ACEs ARE INCLUDED (BUT not auto documented in ACEs tab in 'Overview', but they available in the editor.)

To draw a triangle, create a degenerate FunkyQuad (set two adjacent vertices to be equal.)

Possible additions (add comments if you have others.)

  • Overlap condition check.
  • Z Elevation (when SDK is available.)

For more interesting information on why there is funky texturing, see: