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A list of all Actions, Conditions and Expressions supported in this addon.

API Validity

  • Actions

    Submit score {0} {1}

    Sends a score to kongregate's leaderboards

    Request user information{0}

    Request information asyncronously and triggers a callback event

    Show Kongregate registration Box

    If you detect player is a Guest, you may offer him to register into Kongregate

    Submit avatar {0}

    Kongregate's Avatar Export API gives you the ability to export in-game avatars and let users use them as their Kongregate profile avatar.

    Show Purchase Dialog offer {0}

    Shows kongregate's Kred purchase dialog for a specific offer

  • Conditions

    Is Kong API Loaded

    Checks wether Kongregate API was loaded correctly

    Is Player Guest

    Returns true if the player is a guest or not logged in

    Is info ready

    Triggers when player information has been read and parsed

    On Info Request Error

    Triggers when player information can't be retrieved by any reason

    On API Loaded

    Triggered when Kongregate's API is ready to be used. Please notice that this condition will only be triggered if the game is deployed in kongregate, otherwise it won't fire and you'll see a communication error on the console.

    On Login

    Triggered when player changes from Guest to a registered user (Login).

  • Expressions


    Get name of kongregate user logged in.


    Get Game authentication token for use with Server-Side Authentication API


    Retrieves kongregate UserId, please notice this isn't the user's name, this Id can't be modified and is unique.


    Returns API id key you assigned in the plugin properties


    Returns the last response string from kongregate. Usefull for debug.


    Retrieves the URL of player's Kongregate Avatar


    Retrieves player's Level


    Retrieves player's experience points