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A list of all Actions, Conditions and Expressions supported in this addon.

Game Functions

  • Actions

    Init game ID {0}

    Init Lagged script and game

    Save Achievement ID {0}

    Save an achievement

    Save score {0} to board id: {1}

    Save a high score

Video Ads

  • Actions

    Display an ad - {0}{1} - force ad: {2}

    Tries to display an ad. Make sure to also handle the appropriate conditions.

  • Conditions

    Pause Game for Ad

    An ad started playing, game should be paused and muted.

    Resume Game from Ad

    An ad just finished playing.

Reward Ads

  • Actions

    Check Reward Ad availability

    Check if a reward ad is ready to play. Will trigger Reward Ad Check if true

    Play Reward Ad

    Play a reward ad, will trigger Reward Ad Success or Failure

  • Conditions

    Check Reward Ad (step 1)

    Triggered if you can show reward ad button

    Reward Ad Success (step 2)

    Give user reward

    Reward Ad Failure (step 2)

    Do not give reward

Game Events

  • Actions

    Start Game Click

    Set on touch/click event on start game button

    Next Level or Restart Game Click

    Set on touch/click event on next level or restart game button


  • Actions

    Show Awards

    Will pop up an awards modal

    View Walkthrough id: {0}

    Pop up video walkthrough on Lagged

  • Expressions

    Username Username