Spline Movement [C3 Runtime]


A list of all Actions, Conditions and Expressions supported in this addon.


  • Actions

    Set {my} {0}

    Set whether this behavior is enabled. It will also pause current moving.

    {0} {my} set angle

    Enable or disable "Set angle property".

    Set {my} looping to {0}

    Enable or disable looping.


  • Actions

    {my} add point ({0}, {1})

    Add a point on the spline path to go through.

    {my} reset position of point {0} to ({1}, {2})

    Reset position of point. Can not reset current moving segment.

    {my} clean all points

    Clean all points. It will stop current moving.


  • Actions

    {my} start moving

    Start moving.

    {my} stop moving

    Stop moving.


  • Actions

    Set {my} speed to {0}

    Set the object's speed.

  • Expressions


    The current object speed, in pixels per second.


  • Actions

    Set {my} tension to {0}

    Set tension of curve.

  • Expressions


    The tension of curve.


  • Conditions

    On {my} reach last point

    Triggered when reach last point.

    On {my} reach any point

    Triggered when reach any point.



  • Expressions


    Get points or a point or x/y of a point. Add 1st parameter for index of point, add 2nd parameter "x" or "y" or 0 or 1 to get x/y of a point.


    Get amount of points.

Current segment

  • Expressions


    Get start point index of current segment. Add 2nd parameter "x" or "y" or 0 or 1 to get x/y of a point.


    Get end point index of current segment Add 2nd parameter "x" or "y" or 0 or 1 to get x/y of a point.


  • Expressions


    Traveled distance, in pixels.

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  • Hi dude;

    Thanks for this amazing plugin, it's gave me solution I was looking for since the start of this month.

    I integrated you addon in my project, but I don't know why my construct 3 and project become buggy.

    And after few runtimes C3 freezs completely and I have to restart the Whole Browser.

    Also, I noticed that for some unknown reason, if 2 point are created at the same position, The Game+construct3+brwser (the whole fu**ing thing :) ) freezs completely.

    Do you have any solution plz

    Thanks again

    • Thank you.

      Can you open the console in your browser (F12) and get/copy the error message and post the message here? Then i can looking into it. Thx!

  • There is an issue with the use of angles... Once it is enabled once the spline finish, the sprite simply go invisible (Not the mode invisible) but if you look at the angle it is NaN in the debugger... I love this plugin want really want to use it in my project, but can't due to this issue ;(

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    • 1
    • WRS's avatar
    • WRS
    • 1 points
    • (6 children)

    так и н поправили...( Не работает

  • Why did you remove this in debug panel?


    And you should use id="Rex_Spline" for c2 capx compatibility.

  • Great thanks for this.