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This addon is an implementation of the ROT.js library

This library has alot of features that assist with the creation of rogue-like games.


  • Rng Expressions
  • All Maze Generation
  • Cellular Automata
  • Dungeon Generation
  • FOV
  • Island Detection
  • Multiple Tiles Setup


  • Pathfining
  • Event Queue & Scheduler (needs a bit research)
  • Noise
  • String Generation (Markov process)

I have tried to take into account several ways, to deal with the generated maps, and have exposed different ways to interact with the map, currently all the generation action require a tilemap object, and the map is generated using the 0, 1 tileIndex of the tilemap (0 == floor tile, 1 == wall tile)

In the future i might add the same generation actions without the need for a tilemap, and have them just expose the data structure, which would require the user to populate the map using event. as of now this can be accomplished but there is the extra overhead of the population of the tilemap.

The included example project, is the project i used to test everything was working as expected, it has some comments, but every single expression,action,condition is used, and demonstrates some basic usage, and logs everything to the console.

Also i have test this plugin pretty well, but if you stumble on to a bug or some unexpected behavior let me know and i'll check it out.