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Smart Random

  • Actions

    Randomize the data.

    Given the start and end settings, start the randomization.

    Generate unique random numbers in the range {{0}-{1}} (inclusive), that will not repeat for {2} value(s).

    Generate with new settings.

  • Expressions


    Return the next random value within the range specified.


    Return the start of range value.


    Return the end of range value.


    Return the threshold value.


    Return the next value but don't remove it.


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  • If we have tag feature, it will be more useful when u use this plugin for internal loops. SmartRandom.Next("TAG")

    • AdvancedRandom pretty much replaces this now, so I won't be making improvements. You can add additional copies, so it's possible to handle multiples now already.

  • 1.2 fixes the minification issue.

  • There is an error when I try to export in C3 build with minification (even with your demo project):

    /str/c3runtime.js:2757:4: ERROR - [JSC_REFERENCE_BEFORE_DECLARE_ERROR] Illegal variable reference before declaration: C3

    2757| C3.Plugins.BHT_Smart_Random.Acts =

  • You would want 4 instances, with a range of 1 to 40, if you want to pull cards from each category. Then you pull 4 cards from each instance. The threshold doesn't apply as you'd want to stop at 40 cards pulled, for each deck.

  • I Tried to use the plugin to pull a card out of 40 available from 4 different categories (so total is 160 cards).

    It doesnt seems to work the way I was excepting as if I just do a test with 4 cards in each category, the same card eventually come back again when I choose start:1, end:4, threshold:4 before other cards was pulled.

    Should I have 4 time each the same plugin in the project (one for each category) to solve this problem?

  • luckyrawatlucky

    No, I don't support that, and don't see the need to do so. Just use a function to get the next value, and if it is '8', skip it and get the next number.

  • What if I want to skip a number between a range


    I random range is 1-15 but i don't want to 8 to be appear.

    is this possible ?

    if not can we have a feature like this, So we can skip some numbers from range that we don't want appear.

  • Thank you that was awesome and quite simple to use.

  • Fib, people were constantly asking how to do this. It seemed an obvious solution.

  • This seems great for representing something like a deck of cards, where when a card is drawn it is removed from the deck. Is that what you were going for? Or did you have another use in mind?

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