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Makes Sprites become Fake 3D sliced objects



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  • Hello,

    Can we have an example please, I don't understand how it works.

    I have a problem that I don't understand....

    When I create a new project, I create a sprite, I go to behavior and I don't see the behaviors I have installed, except for 1 only...

    There must be a bug!

    When I load an "example" project of an extension I just downloaded, and when I modify a behavior, I see the behaviors I installed....

    It's complicated, I don't know if I was clear...


  • Thanks! Good one! The only problem is there's no shadow effects. However this is just perfect for projects with simple graphics and for me too! I'm gonna use it! Thanks!!

    • Thanks, please tell me if you have any feedback after using it for a while :D

      I can't really see how I'll be able to do a shadow effect for this given how the 3D works, sorry.

  • I was super excited to check this out, but it seems to hang Construct while loading. With the addon installed (and it's the only one), loading stalls at 99%. I'm on Firefox if it makes a difference. (EDIT: And it did make a difference. It works on Bing. I'll find another browser, but shame I couldn't get it to work on Firefox. Firefox, you old rascal...)

    • Ah damn this is very weird, have you tried deleting the cache in Firefox, because this should absolutely not happen.

  • how to use?

    • Step 1) Create a sprite with all the slices as frames

      Step 2) Add the behavior

      Step 3) Make sure you have enough slices or that your resolution isn't too high to see the effect

      Step 4) Hit preview

      Step 5) Now that it works you can do anything on the initial sprite by picking them using the Is Master condition and do anything on the now created slices by inverting that condition. You can also get the Slice ID of a sprite if you want to do Z ordering (Order every sliced object by sliceID and you'll get a nice Z order effect, and you only need to do that once)