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  • Actions

    {my} Initialize {0}: Ease {1}. X: {2}, Y: {3}, W: {4}, H: {5}, A: {6}, O: {7}, Duration: {8}, Repeat: {9}, RepeatDelay: {11}, Yoyo: {10}

    Initialize a tween. Use strings to NOT tween a property.

    {my} {1} tween {0}

    Start or reverse a tween

    {my} Pause current tween

    Pause the current tween

    {my} Resume current tween

    Resume the current tween

    {my} Initialize timeline {0}, {...}

    Initialize a timeline

    {my} Start timeline {0}

    Start or reverse a timeline

    {my} Save current state {0}

    Save the objects current state. Useful for saving the initial state before tweening.

    {my} Load state {0}

    Load a previously saved state.

    {my} Save state {0}. X: {1}, Y: {2}, W: {3}, H: {4}, A: {5}, O: {6}

    Save a particular state. Use strings to NOT save a property.

  • Conditions

    {my} {0} is tweening

    If the tween is currently running

    {my} {0} is reversing

    If the tween is currently reversing

    {my} {0} is delaying

    If the tween is delaying.

    {my} ANY is delaying

    If the tween is delaying.

    {my} {0} on complete

    Triggers when the tween has completed

    {my} {0} reverse on complete

    Triggers when the tween has completed reversing.

    {my} ANY is tweening

    If any tween is currently tweening.

    {my} ANY is reversing

    If any tween is currently reversing.

    {my} {0} is active

    If the tween is active, regardless of direction.

    {my} ANY is active, regardless of direction.

    If ANY tween is currently active

    {my} ANY on complete

    Triggers when ANY tween has completed

    {my} ANY reverse on complete

    Triggers when ANY tween has completed reversing.

    {my} ANY on finished

    Triggers when ANY tween has finished, including repeats.

    {my} ANY reverse on finished

    Triggers when ANY tween has finished reversing, including repeats.

    {my} {0} on finished

    Triggers when the tween has finished, including repeats.

    {my} {0} reverse on finished

    Triggers when the tween has finished reversing, including repeats.

    {my} Timeline {0} on finished

    Triggers when the timeline has finished entirely.

    {my} Timeline {0} is active

    True if the timeline is currently playing.

    {my} ANY timeline is active

    True if ANY timeline is currently playing.

  • Expressions


    Returns the current tweens progress between 0-1. Note that Yoyo will reverse the tween progress like 0-1-0


    Returns the current tweens ID. Returns empty if not currently active.


    Returns the individual tweens and delays of the current timeline, seperated by "|", e.g. tween1|tween2|5|tween3. Make use of "tokenat" if needed. Returns empty if not currently active.


    Returns the current timelines ID. Returns empty if not currently active.


    Returns the current timelines progress between 0 and the timelines length - 1


    Returns the current tweens repeat count. Note that Yoyo counts as 2 repeats.


    Returns a property previously saved. Returns empty if state or property not found.

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  • Copyright Pascal Gräml. All rights reserved.


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  • Thank you for that, very useful!

  • Can you get this to work for r120?

    • It does work unless some error creeped in with the new update that I´m not aware of. It only does not work prior to r113. I guess I can remove that info anyway since nobody will use r112 or less anymore :)

  • I was about to ask if you intended to allow us to tween colors, but it seems you were quicker. I can just do it with instance variables with the new version, I can even tween effects.

  • This is great! What motivates you in making this?

  • WackyToaster

    I have an error while exporting, it freezes the game. I tried on latest stable and beta construct versions with different settings, with nws.js export and html5 export. It doesn't happen when just testing the project in the editor, but only during the loading of an export. Whether I use one of the default loading screens or a custom one, it happens just after reaching 100% loading.

    As it also happens in the stable version (before construct added their own tween), I suppose it comes from your plugin.

    An image with the error:

  • Hey,

    Thanks for the plugin. It's great!

    Just one thing. I'm trying to dynamically change a value (angle & duration) for a random spin of an object.

    I've tried initializing and using the random(xxx,xxxx) and also using a variable that gets set like that too.

    My problem is that after the first initialization, the values seem to be hardcoded and just keeps repeating that first value each time.

    I may be just being stupid :D

    • I worked it out - I didn't realise you had to re-initialize each time.

      I now have a problem where I can't get the opacity to tween correctly. I initialize and then set the target to 80%.

      Everytime I call the Tween, it goes straight to 100% and ignores duration/target value etc.

      Any ideas>?

      • Yes, you have to re-initialize it each time. The idea is that you only have to initialize it once and can re-use it everytime. But of course if you need to change the values you have to re-initialize it with the new values.

        Regarding opacity: The target is between 0 and 1, not 0 and 100, that is likely the reason why it appears to jump. But since it isn´t really mentioned anywhere, I´ll make sure to add that info in the next release!

        If that doesn´t solve it I´d request you share the code so I can take a look.

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  • Here was a comment about an error, but I'll replace it by a conclusion after a big debugging session:

    I didn't know it, but you can't launch timelines or tweens on several instances at the same time (around less than 0.1-second difference. Might be a bug.

    It's a bit annoying for "is on floor" from the platform behavior when everyone spaws at the same time for example but understandable.

    I just hope it's going to be fixed soon because it causes me problems when players are jumping.

    • Hey, I´m not 100% sure if I understand everything correct (based on your image) but from what I tested it appears to work. One thing that did cause trouble is the platform behavior interfering with the tween bahvior (most likely because it has a permanent gravity acting on it) so as long as the tween is running, the platform behavior should be disabled. If that doesn´t solve it I´d request an example file showcasing the bug.

      EDIT: If you don´t want to disable it completely (so the player can still move left/right) you can also set the gravity to 0.

      • Ok, didn't fix, I'm going to send an example capx soon

      • ok

        I am glad you answered but from what I tested the problem is not here.

        I checked before and the platform behavior and tweeen were working perfectly fine together (mainly because I didn't change the coordinates when not on the floor) when I tested with one player, but as soon as I land or jump at the same time with several players it crashes.

        I'm going to try the c3p you sent.

        EDIT: your c3p was a good source of inspiration, thanks, I'll try to disable the platform behavior for the jumping and falling animation but I'm afraid that it will affect gameplay.

        RE-DIT: While I'm at it, the error was: Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property 'val' of undefined, which doesn't seem to be linked to the platform behavior

  • I can't seem to get it to work within my project after installing the addon through the addon manager. It doesn't seem to appear in behaviors. Any tips on installing?

  • can you provide a fake support for c2 runtime ? i'm trying to use c3runtime but because of lite tween plugin i can not open my project in c3 and can not open your plugin in c2 runtime neither so if there be kind of a fake support for c2 i can change litetween actions to this plugin ad then safely move to c3 runtime.

    this should be many's problem here.

    • Even if it´s just fake support I would still have to recreate all the aces and I really want to avoid confusing people. Sorry. Either way it should be relatively easy to switch, make a backup of your project and open it side by side with the one you edit.

  • I currently can't switch from LiteTween to TWEEEN because of missing functionality. Can you please add a "value" property that can be tweened? Then an expression to return the "value" property? Then an action to manually set the starting number of "value"?

    This is a feature of LiteTween that is very helpful with tweening variables. For example tweening a high score number from zero to 1000 so the player can watch their high score go up. In LiteTween you can set the tweened property to "value", then set the target to 1000, then set value to 0, then start the tween. Then in every tick I can set my high score variable to LiteTween.Value. This feature seems missing in TWEEEN.

    Thank you. Any help is appreciated.

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