Useful plugin to include JQuery to a Construct Project.

Features List ::

  1. Support Construct 3 addons that have JQuery dependencies.
  2. Support JQuery in any Construct 3 Project.

Benefits ::

  1. Useful for porting Construct 2 addons that have dependency on JQuery, to Construct 3 without needing to re-write the addon.
  2. This supports both the C3Runtime and C2Runtime on the Construct 3 Editor.

Instructions ::

  1. Insert Object on a Construct 3 Project.
  2. As simple as that. JQuery is now supported on the entire Construct 3 Project, including the addons in it.

Current JQuery Version::

  1. jquery-3.3.1.min


Release 1 Stable (35 KB)


  • License MIT License
  • Copyright Chadori_RebornXD. All rights reserved.


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