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A list of all Actions, Conditions and Expressions supported in this addon.

  • Conditions

    {my} is active

    True if the movement is currently active.

    On {my} progress {0} {1}

    Compare the current progress of the tween process.

    On {my} start

    Triggered when tween starts.

    On {my} end

    Triggered when the tween finished and is entering cooldown state.

    On {my} reverse start

    Triggered when tween start reversing.

    On {my} reverse end

    Triggered when the tween end reversing.

    {my} is reversing

    True if the tween is currently reversing.

    On {my} pass threshold {0} {1}

    Compare the current progress of the tween process, then fire event when it pass that threshold.

  • Expressions


    Return the current progress of the tween as a number from 0 to 1.


    Return the current tweened value for the tween value case.


    Return the current target value for the tween.


    Return the duration for the tween.


    Return the duration for the tween.


    Return tween as in lerp.


  • Actions

    {my} Set duration to {0} second(s)

    Set the time in seconds for the duration of the tween.

    {my} Set target {0}({1}) to {2}

    Set the target value of the tween.

    {my} Set tweened property to {0}

    Set the type of tweened property.

    {my} Set easing function to {0}

    Set the easing function used to calculate movement.

    {my} Set enforce mode to {0}

    Set whether to enforce tween to object or compromise results.

    {my} set value to {0}

    Set value for tween value case.

    {my} Set easing parameter {0} ({1} {2} {3} {4})

    Set easing parameter to tweak the wobbles etc.

    {my} Reset easing parameter

    Reset easing parameter to default value

Playback control

  • Actions

    {my} {0} {1}

    Start the tween.

    {my} {0}

    Reverse the tween.

    {my} {0}

    Stop the tween.

    {my} Seek to {0}

    Seek the tween.

Tween Management

  • Actions

    {my} Initialize tween {0} ({1} {2} {3} {4})

    Set all parameter at once.