OctoBrain Boss

Endlevel boss, brainwave animation, projectiles, ...

Endlevel boss, brainwave animation, projectiles, ...

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  • 1.0

    Released: 6 Mar, 2021

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challenge your players!

The octobrains have spread around the galaxy, can you defeat the increasing difficulty of the octobrain,.. Create multiple level bosses for your game, each with there own look and behavior


  • unique characterdesign
  • 9 colorvariations
  • idle animation & 31 anim frames
  • animated brainwave with loopsequence
  • targetlines tech
  • colorfull projectiles & lazerbeam

Combine with other packs

  • Octobrain last spotted in the research center ,The Device
  • backgrounds created with PlanetFx

gotta catch em all

Contact me with any questions

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    6 Mar, 2021

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