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the siblings

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20011486 Published on 1 Jun, 2021

It all began At the dinner table when Natalie asked her dad “who's the favorite?’” Natalie's dad said “ you sweetheart you are my favorite child”. Then Natalie asked her mom “ mom who's your favorite child?” and Natalie's mom said “i dont have one” When Natalie's mom said that

Natalies got upset and her anger issues got to her. All she said is “ i want to get revenge” Natalie's mom was scared to hear this and she got all the kids and left her Natalie was so shocked she didn't know what to do by that so she went to her dad because that's the only person she can rely on but she wanted to get revenge and was scared she was going to hurt her dad so she went to her sister seen that the house was empty.

She went to her other siblings house and they were moved out and there was nothing there she found out they were hiding in the bassmint at her dad's house. The reasons why she wanted revenge, When Natalie was younger they beat her up and pushed her around but when they need something they ask her and she does it and it's ridiculous.Sometimes Natalies brother (he’s 17) That makes her do her work and when he asks him to help her he all ways said no and shes only 13! She wants to do things but her family holds her back when she at her moms but when shes at her dads she like an angel.

Natalie is the only one that has red hair in her whole family and she gets new glasses basically every day because her brother smashes them. She does have a pet fox named poppie. Natalie has to wear black clothing to cover up the bruses from fights that she gets into with her brother. The werse part is no one will help her with her anger issues!


try and kill all the siblings

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