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Kings & Pigs

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MrEman Published on 21 Mar, 2021

Once upon a time, while the king was on vacation, King Pig, the most notorious pig that ever lived broke into king’s castle. He entered the castle leading his army and quickly took it over. King Pig trained his army, waiting for King to return. The pigs took residence in the castle, and ate Kings reserved ice cream. When King got back he noticed a Pig King banner, and quickly realized that the pigs, took over while he was gone. Making sure he wasn’t followed, King went to the woods, to find his hidden stash of pig pounder hammers. When he found them, he armed himself with the one called, bacon slayer. King waited for night fall, and using up last of his sleepy elixir, drugged the Piggy sentries. When the pigs were fast asleep, King quietly slipped into the castle, ready to take down any pigs that got in his way.



Arrow keys to move. Down arrow to fall through platforms.

'z' to attack

'x' to go through doors

Used Behaviours


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