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HV Clash

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AlexFili Published on 3 May, 2015

Part 3 of the HV Prototype Trilogy. Overcome your fear and clash with your rivals! More information about the backstory and the characters can be found here: hvhub.wordpress.com


The menus are operated by tapping the screen (or using a mouse). Special attacks cost energy points to use. To gain energy, use the command attacks (red icon with white fist). When a command attack begins tap on the arrows (or use the arrow keys on the keyboard).


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  • nice game and environment! I like the combo system while punching :)

    I like dragons and I'm curios : in the game characthers turns into dragons or they belongs to another group? thank you

  • [quote=Argonian]

    nice game and environment! I like the combo system while punching :)


    Sorry it took so long to reply. Thank you, I'm glad you like the combo system. It took a while to get it working just right. Most of the dragon characters, the Darai are part of their own race. Finn is a special case, his ability is explained further in the newer games. Basically most of the Darai were born like that and they'll stay that way forever.

    For more info, check here:


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