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Hmm Shooter

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rwang15 Published on 2 Feb, 2022

Enemies and items:

Suspicious white and blue liquid in a bottle. Does not move or attack. It is only there to block some of your bullets.

PIG. Is a pig. Moves towards you and deals 10 damage.

Crêper. This name is not misspelled. This is definitely different from the Minecraft creeper.

Skellyton. Also not misspelled. Shoots arrows like a normal skeleton. What, the skeleton in your body doesn't shoot arrows? I guess yours must be defective then.

Wather. Don't you just love these COMPLETELY ORIGINAL enemies? Shoots homing skulls from its skulls. Skull-ception. Dies after you shoot it for a while.

Helth. A strangely colored bar of soap. Eat it to restore some health. DISCLAIMER: I am not liable for any damages caused by you eating soap in real life.

Game Modes:

Normal mode. Click the Green square to start. Standard shooting game. Click to shoot in the direction of your mouse. Uses WASD.

Asian mode. Right click the Red square to start. Find the rest out by yourself.

There may be one or two hidden controls. Go look for them, I'll wait.


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