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reapinwombat Published on 24 Nov, 2020

Menu: Press E for the level editor, and press enter to start the game. Playing: If your Daedolon, press E to shoot, and <> to move left and right. If your playing as

Baratus, Press E or ^ to punch, or make the fist jump. Baratus deals damage by jumping into monsters. Be careful if your playing as Baratus though, because enemies

like Ettins that do damage to you if you run into them when their in the attack state, or animation, and if your playing as Baratus (Same for all the other playable

characters, except they cannot jump and they shoot projectiles to deal damage, not jumping into enemies.), you must make sure to not jump into enemies like Ettins when their in their attack state (Or animation.) or you will take damage. You also must be aware of when enemies that spawn projectiles spawn the projectiles they spawn, because if you jump into them when (Or in some cases, instead of "when", the sentence "and then" should be used. And sometimes instead of "and then", you should use the word "and".) they spawn their projectile to shoot at you, you take damage. Also, you will deal no damage to any monster if you run into a monster. You must jump into a monster to deal damage if your Baratus. If you play as Parias, you are playing as the "Middle" character. Parias shoots projectiles like Daedolon, but cannot cast all the spells like Daedolon can. If you have 60 mana, (Mana is displayed at the top right corner of the screen and is in blue text.) you can press 1 to cast a spell that gives you + 3 highscore. Everybody except Baratus can use this spell. If you have 90 mana, press 2 to give yourself + 4 highscore. Not much of an improvement from the last spell. Everybody except Baratus can use this spell. If you have 120 mana, you can press 3 to give yourself + 6 highscore. This is usable only by Daedolon the mage. Editor: Press D to draw sprites. Press L to go back to the object editor. Press G to place a Gargoyle portal. Use the <^V> keys to move the object placer. Press P to playtest your level. Press M to go back to making your level. Press I to place a Ettin spawning Portal. Press Delete while the object placer is overlapping a object to delete the object the object placer is overlapping. Press U to place the boss Menelkir, the corrupt mage of the Arcanum. Press T to place the boss Traductus, the mad cleric of the Church. Press K to spawn Zedek, the bloodlusting leader of the Legion. This is outdated! The most recent version is HEXEN RETRO fix 2


These are not the insructions. Look at the full description for the instructions.

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  • If you want to make a mod for HEXEN RETRO, please take screenshots of the sprites and make the sprites with either the in game sprite maker or a different sprite making tool. Explain each sprite and the mod, and if your mod is qaulified, we make it.

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