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GameHouse Published on 20 Jun, 2021

Build your dream action platformer game like Hollow Knight,Valdis Story,Vernal Edge by using this template.

Platformer Template on Construct 2&3 for only $50

Name of the template on asset store "Super Platformer Template Glory"

or you can click on my youtube link and the link to asset store is the description

Features over 50 Different Enemies ,Over 10Different Traps , a parry system allowing you to repel enemy melee attacks and also projectiles , the game has wall run also giving it a parkour feel & reminding me almost of mirrors edge , but most of all the air combos are my favorite feature on this template, making it worth every last penny .


Construct 2, Construct 3 , Platformer Template , Gamdev, Devlog, Valdis Story , Vernal Edge ,Hollow Knight , Shovel Knight , Celeste


-How to play-


you have to break the enemies armor first before you can do damage to it, you will know when its armor is broken, you will hear a noise like broken glass and also its color will fade to a less brighter red,more dim.

but it will regain its armor back, so you have to keep breaking its armor.


Ctrl - Sprint, Walk

Shift - Dash/Wallrun on wall

A - Not used yet

S - Magic

D - Arrow

F - Ultimate (Not Used yet)

z - Sword

X - Punch

C - Kick

V - Parry/Guard

Space - Up Slash

0 - sword skill 1

Del - sword skill 2

Enter - Down Slash

Ctrl+Down Arrow - Walk

Press Shift when you are on wall to do a wall run, or you can dash into the wall

Up Arrow - Jump

Down Arrow - Crouch

Left & Right Arrow - Move


Used Plugins

  • Audio
  • Browser
  • Function
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Sprite
  • Text
  • TiledBg
  • Touch

Used Behaviours

  • Bullet
  • destroy
  • Fade
  • jumpthru
  • LOS
  • Physics
  • Pin
  • Platform
  • Rotate
  • scrollto
  • Sin
  • solid
  • wrap

  • Order by
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