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The Cellar

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lamar Published on 27 Aug, 2015

I have a new SnowBoarding game up that is really a blast to play so come by and try it!


For best effect play in full screen with the lights out and headphones!

You are trapped in the backyard of a very creepy old house and you must escape!

WARNING: This game has several jump scares.

Everyone that survives The Cellar gets their name on the leader board.


Just click on everything to find clues and objects to use


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  • I like this, it's something a bit different.

  • I like the game atmosphere but too short... :(

  • Would've been way better with better graphics. I also think you have something going here if you'd work on the story part as well.

  • [quote=Nagval333]

    I like the game atmosphere but too short... :(


    Thanks- this is the first game of this type I have created and was more of an experiment to see if I could do a decent escape game using C2. Now that I know how to do them I will create more with a developed story character and more rooms to explore and traps and puzzles.

  • Thanks Janlindso- like I said this is a first escape game and was done quick so I could get a template for future games. These games take a LOT more work than other types of games and a lot more time because of the graphics involved. The story for this game is still in in development and I am thinking of a series built around a character. something like Slenderman.

    I think hand drawn graphics look fine for a game like this and the story is simple. You need to escape.


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