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friedlightning_3.0 Published on 27 Oct, 2021

They tell me, "Keep it simple", I tell them, "Take it slow"

I feed and water an idea so I let it grow

I tell them, "Take it easy", they laugh and tell me "no"

It's cool but I don't see them laughin' at my money though

They spittin' facts at me, I'm spittin' tracks, catch me?

I'm spinnin' gold out my records, know you can't combat me

if you like my broken sense of humor and enjoy straining your eyes to see through screen glare youll probably like my youtube channel


yes i just shamelessly plugged my youtube channel on a thing that took me half an hour i made for school

no i dont feel any regret

now stop asking questions so i can go back to blasting my ordinary life by the living tombstone at 3:15 am


arrows to move

mouse to very painfully look around

middle mouse click to fire downvotes

collect coins by running into them and shake from feeling neuron activation for the first time in years

dont downvote checkpoint flags

walk on the finish to win and have a seizure from excitement

why did i do this

i shouldnt have this much power

who made this legal

who allowed this to the public

this is your fault

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