Why we decided to use Gravatar

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  • KeePass is great, me and Ash both use it.

  • I don't know. I think Gravatar is broken. I can't create an account. Anyone experience trouble trying to register an account?

  • Its simple really, just follow these steps:

    (I'm assuming you have already signed up at scirra.com and and you are now on the gravatar website)

    1. Type the same email address you use on scirra.com (very important) into the text box and click on "Get Your Avatar"

    2. click on the blue button that says "OK - donotreplylkm@gravatar.com is in my contacts"

    3. You will be sent an email from gravatar.com to confirm your email address

    4. Check your email to get at the email from gravatar.com (this step is important) and click on the link which will take you back to the gravatar website.

    5. type in a password. hit "signup"

    6. if all goes well you'll be taken to where you'll put in details about yourself(not necessary) and upload an image of your choice.

    7. Once done, just logout from gravatar.com and refresh/reload your scirra.com webpage

    The image you uploaded to scirra.com now should show up.

    Hope this works for ya...

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  • Thanks for the tip! =)

  • Excellent. Just joined Gravatar

  • Avatar Test!

  • Just uploading them would be so much easier honestly. They are on your server anyways...

  • superwifibattler: If you actually had read the first post of the thread before posting you would understand your point is not valid.

    Also, please, don't use oversized format in your post, it just makes it utterly annoying to read. Thank you.

  • Oh yeah... I did'nt read through it carefully. Sorry. <img src="smileys/smiley9.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    I'm new to the forums so I don't know the rules that good.

    My bad, I was just so frustrated because my gravatar icon would'nt work. But I waited an hour or two and then it worked :-) No troubles.

  • Good

  • To use an avatar on my Scirra account I need a Gravatar account.

    To use Gravatar I need to have a Wordpress account.

    3 registrations for 1 tiny picture   ..seriously?

  • caniluna: I don't know what makes you believe you need a wordpress account.

    To use Gravatar, you need a Gravatar account, that's it.

    Read the first post of this thread, it explains how to register and use Gravatar.

  • Well, it's true that now, you need a wordpress.com account to use gravatar. I wanted to change my gravatar recently and it forced me to use a wordpress.com account to log in.

  • From the Gravatar blog.

    "Did you know that your Gravatar.com account has always been a WordPress.com account? It?s true.

    Back in 2007 we (Automattic) acquired Gravatar. Heading into 2008 we rewrote it in PHP, and ever since then, it?s been using the same integrated user system as WordPress.com for accounts. Previously we handled that ?behind the scenes,? but we found that it made things pretty confusing for everyone. We?ve now switched over to using WordPress.com Connect exclusively, which allows you to explicitly connect Gravatar and WordPress.com, and to use your WordPress.com credentials to log into Gravatar. That?s one less set of login credentials to worry about!"

  • Clear your browser cache, you must.

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