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  • While working on my game for the rotary competition, i noticed that the webstorage plugin is not available in the arcade?!

    I think this is one of the most important plugins and it NEEDS to be available in the arcade to save scores, unlocked level(my case), achievements etc.

    Please allow us to use it in the arcade.

  • It's on the todo list, we just need to modify it otherwise all arcade games will share the same storage.

  • I hope it can be acheived before the competition deadline <img src="smileys/smiley3.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    I had overlooked this before, thinking webstorage was supported and implemented it in my entry.

  • Ashley thanks :D

    hah! me too... :D

  • Yeah, me too! This needs to be a priority to be done before the competition deadline! some of us have longer games, and if there is no way to save progress... :O

  • Ashley - you may have already found a way to make the WebStorage "arcadable", but if not, here's my idea:

    I thing, WebStorage is nothing else then "placing" cookies, and the cookiefile has a generic name. Why don't use the MAC-Adresse of the c2 "compiling" PC (ie the game developers PC) as a HASH-seed to generate a uniqe name for the cookie file?

  • Sounds like a good idea. I hope you guys can push out a new release with the "fixed" webstorage before the rotary competition closes. :O

  • On the blog post, you mention that

    "on the Arcade the following features are blocked to prevent games accessing other game's data: clear storage, get number of values, get value at, get key at."

    What exactly does this mean? Does this mean that webstorage is completely useless as we can't use webstorage.localvalue?

    I urgently need a response for this. If we can't save our user's progress, what hope is there for big games???

  • Nice question I was wondering that myself

  • sqiddster, no, localvalue wasn't on that list! It's only the get key at expressions, which take an integer index rather than the key names, that are blocked. To clarify, the following ACEs work on the arcade:

    Local key exists

    Session key exists

    Set local value

    Set session value

    Remove local value

    Remove session value

    LocalValue (get local value)

    SessionValue (get session value)

    The following are blocked:

    Clear local storage

    Clear session storage

    LocalCount (number of local values)

    SessionCount (number of session values)

    LocalAt (Nth local value)

    SessionAt (Nth session value)

    LocalKeyAt (Nth local key)

    SessionKeyAt (Nth session key)

    The latter can also be worked around if necessary, but with a lot to do that build I thought I'd just get the basics out in time for the competition. You can still save and load values. The blocked stuff, without some extra work, would allow using and modifying other game's data, since they work with the global list of all saved data. That's why for the time being they're not allowed. Do you urgently need any of those other features?

  • Not at all. I was just worried that "get value at" prevented us from using the expression webstorage.localvalue().

    You. Are. The. Best.

  • Hi, do i have to export my game from release 80 or the webstorage implementation is in scirra arcade itself?Can i export from previous releases and get the webstorage to work in scirra Arcade?Tks

  • I'm sure they will fix the problems with r80 asap, definitely before the competition's close. Just use r79.4 for now, and don't export yet.

  • sqiddster, ok, thanks.

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  • : with r80.2 out, you don't need to change/touch your groups (I hope you haven't finished modifying them and/or have a previous save that you can open).

    And the arcade should work with webstorage as planned.

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