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  • Hello everyone :)

    Just a simple suggestion to improve the site n_n

    I use search a lot in the site to look for manual documentation and such. So every time I click in the Search bar on the top right corner instead of letting me write it sends me to another page so I can type in a new search bar. I think its kind of wasted time that process, and makes the top search bar kinda useless.

    My suggestion then, is that the search bar should work immediately instead of taking me to another page..

    Thanks a lot n_n

  • It stops doing this now (been on my todo list far too long!) Should work a lot better now, any suggestions welcome.

  • Well if you could set a bunch of clickboxes on it, that would direct the search.

    Like "All" (the website (checking all the boxes by default)), "Forum", "Tutorials", "Manual", "Arcade", etc...

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  • Good idea, I think that's possible will look at adding that in

  • Tom your work is appreciated. The search is much nicer to use. Just another example of why you guys kick ass.

  • In Firefox and Chrome I can't get to click on the "Search Forums" bar when I am logged in.

    The nickname button has a big hover area and when I try click the search bar, it pops up my profile instead.

    To really use the search bar I have to click in its left edge with a lot of precision :)

    Has anyone noticed this issue?

  • Maybe this is not the best place to post this...

    Is there a Search Bar on the Arcade?

    I wanted to search for a game, but I couldn't find it. I had to go through a lot of pages in each category in order to find it...

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