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  • something is very off with how the website updates.

    if and when I edit a post, it doesn't show the change right away. but sometimes it never takes and I have to edit it again and then it takes.

    another issue I had tonight. I replied to someone's topic. It showed no one else had replied to the topic. After I hit POST. I didn't see my reply but instead saw oosyrags. So I figured it was doing that thing again, so I refreshed my browser. Then the reply turned into my reply and oosyrag's was gone. Then I hit refresh again and then my reply was gone and oosyrags was there again. Everytime I hit refresh it bounces back between them. From the Forum Home the number shows only 2 posts, it should show 3: the OP, oosyrag and my post. Very strange.

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  • As a reminder, the place to report issues with the website is :

    You keep posting issues in this forum, but I'm not sure Tom sees them.

    In the bugtracker, I'm positive he will.

  • Kyatric Tom has responded to this thread in the past.

    I guess I don't know what posts are appropriate for this thread.

    If this is not the place to give feedback about a website issues perhaps the name needs to be changed or thread be locked with only a sticky to the link you mentioned.

    I honestly don't want to fill out a whole bug report, I don't think I can reproduce half the issues I see, I was just passing along something that has happened repeatedly to me. I'm just trying to be helpful.

    For instance here's another issue: when you hit reply to a thread and if you immediately start typing, the text field does not have the focus and all the keystrokes are doing nothing because you realize the cursor is not in the textbox. So you have to click the textbox then start typing. Is this a bug? or an "issue"?

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