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  • The website was down earlier today, 9/17/12, around 5:30am USEast time. Also, the arcade was looking like a crazy mess.

    I don't know if this is at all important, but I thought I'd mention since I didn't notice anyone else having said anything.

    I thought maybe site updates were happening, and maybe they were, but I haven't noticed anything major just yet.

    So like I said, just FYI in case it matters!

  • Thanks! Probably just a glitch in the matrix, everything seems to be running OK, and there are no reports we run of significant downtime.

  • ***Whoops, I meant 4:30am USEast time! Sorry!

    :) damn matrix.

  • ****Sorry, I thought this was only on website bug forum :(

    This happened again, just now, for about the past 4 minutes.

    This time, the home page, "construct 2"/"make games" page, arcade page, and blog page were unaffected, while the forums, tutorials, and store page all bugged out. I confirmed that other websites were working fine during this time, using updated Chrome, with a fairly newly opened browser.

    Let me know if these bits of information aren't useful, so that I don't bother to send information to you if I notice minor site disruptions in the future. I imagine it is likely nothing important, just felt it might be good to let you know!

    Update: obviously my post [above] showed up, but I received this message after a prolonged delay of trying to post it:



    Only members with sufficient permission can access this page.

    A security error has occurred with authentication.

    Please ensure that all cookies are enabled on your web browser, you are not using a saved or cached copy of the page, and your Firewall/Proxy settings are not hiding or masking your IP address.


    I confirmed that I was still logged into my account on the site.

    Once again, probably nothing, but just feel there is some chance you may want to know.

    ****Sorry, I thought this was only on "website bug" forum :(

  • I see same problem with web and forum more than 1 hour (10:45 - 11:10 UTC/GMT+1)

  • I couldn't get on from 2:30am central standard time until 7:30am. Thats 5 hours I thought I was going to die. lol

    That's GMT -6

    Edit: At the time of editing this post 8:09am I am talking to a friend in Bosnia that can't get on, and a friend in Canada that is in the same timezone as me got on 3 hours ago but I couldn't here in the U.S. Maybe it is a problem with different countries instead of timezones.

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  • Still kinda wonky here.

  • It just happened to me again for about 15 minutes this time. Is your hosting service under a denial of service attack like what happened to Godaddy last week?

  • The whole website seems wonky today. Graphics are missing, the layout is scattered. Something is definitely amiss.

  • Oops, I accidentally the site.

  • This is a wierd problem.The site is sluggish on pc and laptop and missing gfx.But it's working as it should on my mobile phone.

  • Yes, there's certainly something weird going on here. I clicked my 'Favorites' link to 'New Posts' (something I do every morning) at 2000h BST but got a message (IE9 on desktop) saying it couldn't find and offering me a Google-cached copy. I clicked on that and found I was able to move out from there to live Forum topic pages! - and post this message!

    And if I click on the 'Home' link from this page, nothing happens for a couple of minutes and I eventually get an unstyled homepage. Same with the 'Make Games' and 'Manual' links.

  • 20 minut back Chrome Laptop say "cannot cloudn�t find" again this is 2nd time for me this day :(


  • Many apologies for the site downtime - our DNS provider is having an extended outage.

    From Scirra's twitter account.

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