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  • I started a thread sometime about a month ago complaining about the font colors and forum color schemes. While I agree that it got better, I still find text hard to read.

    I'm ok with a white background (not so much, but I'll manage), but I'm not ok with the washed-out text colors. I don't think it's my monitor because it's an LCD and I have it set to look good for gaming and internet. No other site is this difficult to focus on. I would be ok if the text was just plain black, not grey or whatever it is.

    Also, I still don't like the turquoise blue color scheme. Overall, the site now just does not feel like it's meant for gaming, but social media. Actually, the color scheme kinda reminds me of Twitter.

    I think the old design was much better for a game developer's site. It felt more professional.

    Mainly, though I can't stand the font colors.

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