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  • Can Tom add a feature to these forums to see who had seen your topic in the forum? I can see the views but the problem is that I can't see who . Who agrees?

  • IMO not only pointless but rather intrusive.

    Having 'Big Brother' track what I'm reading is not something I would be comfortable with.

  • I agree with zenox. Don't like.

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  • I can't see a need for this. Why would you want to know who the forum lurkers are when, if they wanted to contribute, they already would have done so already? If you want to get the attention of someone in particular, you can already tag them.... I agree with zenox and cryptic.

  • This also will break a ton of privacy laws, and would require TOS agreements from all forum users. No thanks.

  • My question is: "why do you need this?"

    Sorry dude but you and your post are not aiming to "improve" this community. I am not the one who can judge, i know it but most of your topics are just nonsense!

    I hate to be rude usually however i am really bored of useless topics and subjects in this crappy forum.

    I am sick of people ask same and same and same ANSWERED questions but i can't mad about them because there are plenty of SH.TY topics in the forum and the are making to search something F..KING impossible.

    I don't use forum search any more while i am trying to find a solution to my problems, instead i try to google it.

    Naji i am begging you PLEASE think couple of time before posting something.

    I really feel terrible to wrote it, i know you are young and passionate but ENOUGH man. PLEASE!

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