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  • I'm new here, and when I try to upload my game to the Arcade, I get this message:

    "All arcade submissions must be made with the latest release of Construct 2. The current latest release can be downloaded from here:

    Download Construct 2 r118

    Please download the latest release and re-export your project and try again!"

    As far as I know, I have the newest release... I looked around a little and found that I might have r119. I'm confused. Can someone help?

  • Update: I followed said link and it led me to another link, which gave me the stable version of r118, which is r119, which is what I have. Now, can I open my r119 game in r118 and export it into the arcade? Or is the arcade going to be updated to include r119?

  • Update2: Downloaded r118 and exporting it does not good. The arcade will not accept the game.

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  • The latest version at the moment is r119.

    This is the version you need to have installed and make the export to arcade with.

  • Kyatric is right, use v119.

    Also, I've just fixed a couple of issues with Facebook/Pathfinding plugs. The arcade was rejecting these but now accepts them.

  • will there ever be the option to upload games that have more than 800 pixel width? (maybe a script that will scale the bigger ones down)

    i have made some games for the chrome store and would like to upload them here to, but they all have the resolution 960x540 (half full hd size, so that they still look ok in full hd fullscreen mode for the chrome store)

  • am uploaded game into windows store but it shows the following error why..?

    The app crashes on launch.

    The app crashes randomly or repeatedly.

    The app freezes and the user has to close and restart the app.

    The app requires a Windows component library that the Windows Store doesn't support. To avoid this, make sure your development tools are up-to-date.

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