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  • Good day,

    I have a question about uploading my game to the Scirra Arcade.

    Is it possible to make it private/hidden?

    I mean, ideally it mustn't be seen in the list/table of the games and should be reachable only when I want it to be (the analog is the private video-posting on the Youtube, where such kind of video can only be reached through a concrete link I'm sending to concrete people).

    2nd question: are there any archive size limitations, if I'd like to upload it to Scirra Arcade?


  • Not sure if this will satisfy your question, but you could just use a dropbox account and upload your game to public folder. No one will know it is there and you can use the public link to playtest.

    Also, I think the Arcade has a 10 MB limit.

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  • The idea of the arcade is to promote Construct 2, so turning it into a gentleman's club, would limit it's audience.

    I do understand you may not want people using your game / assets for their own gain, but that's the double edged sword of the internet I guess...

  • Thank you for the answers!

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