How do I upload a game to scirra store?

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  • Hi, I am trying to upload a game and I keep getting this error,

    You zip archive is missing a required file. Must include at least 1 .capx

    When I export my game a .capx file doesn't seem to be made so when I try to upload it, it cant find it.

    Does anyone know how to fix this issue?

    Thank you.

  • Are you using the latest version (r212.2)?

    Are you using the 'Export to Scirra arcade' option?

    If yes, then maybe tagging Tom in Website Issues might be an idea.

  • Yes I am using the latest version and I am also exporting to Scirra arcade, also I uninstalled and re downloaded the latest version just in case it was something to do with that.

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  • Are you exporting directly to the arcade threw the program? I had a problem with that on PWE and ended up logging into the arcade threw the website and submitting it like that.

  • No, im exporting to my desktop and then trying to upload it from the website but I don't think a .capx was exported to the desktop.

  • Moved to Website Issues.

    You seem to be confusing the Scirra Store and the Scirra Arcade. If you want to upload your work to the Scirra Store as a game with source you should have a seller account and upload the .capx file (in other words - don't export it at all!). If you want to upload your game to the Scirra Arcade, choose the Scirra Arcade export option and upload it to the Arcade.

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