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  • We have edited our game multiple times to fit the format in which is permissible and each time we attempt to upload the game, it is rejected. When uploading our game, the error says, "file is too wide." We have reached out to multiple people who have done this before to help us fix this problem, but even they are at a loss as to what we should do. Can anyone help us out please???

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  • typhoongamerz

    Have you resolved this now?

    Your window size is 854 by 480, and I was under the impression that the current maximum windows size width is 800px for the Arcade:

    [quote:2n1hal2u]Upload your Construct 2 game file. The file must be in .zip format exported directly from Construct 2. All other file formats will be rejected.

    Maximum size of upload is 10mb. Maximum width of the game is 800px.

    Remember, this has no bearing on your Layout sizes, which can be as large as you like.

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