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  • To answer Quique's question about liking the new design, I really enjoy the rounded boxes, soft aqua icons, and even the orange "Buy" button is a gentle but clearly contrasting color. The icons are attractive and inviting, but that itself leads me into ...

    ...a number of enhancements which would make it even more user-friendly.

    To begin with, those inviting icons need to be links which draw you deeper into the website and sell you on the merits and ease of (for example) publishing on Android or any of the other platforms. I tried to click on them, thinking, "Oh, so how DO I publish to..." but alas, they're just static pictures.

    Dittos for all the features below. Each of those links (Physics, WebGL Shaders, etc.) needs to take you to an equally attractive page which sells you on the specific merits of that feature, and has an integrated link to each of the other features. E.g., you should click on "Physics" and be taken to a polished, attractive Physics page which tells you a few of the neat things you can do, like arbitrary gravity, ragdoll physics, etc. Each page would have a consistently arranged and similarly themed box or arrangement with links to the other WebGL, etc., features.

    Third, as slick as the front page is, it's jarring that the rest of the site has such a different layout and style. Once you click on "Forums," for example, you find a completely different color scheme, texture, and ribbon order.

    I love the direction the site design is headed, though!

    [Note: no disrespect to Quique, but his comment had a generic subject which didn't express the topic, and it was garnering very few views as a result, so I moved my response to his question to its own post, here.]

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  • Thanks for the feedback!

    • We're going to be making the links clickable on the homepage, especially for the things like publishing options. But we just wanted to get the new homepage out in time for r100 so didn't quite have time to expand it
    • The rest of the site will be upgraded to the new design soon :)
  • Awesome, Tom. It's going to be cool seeing the site's continued evolution.

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