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  • Is there a way to update the files in assets already in the Scirra Store?

    I have some free updates for one of my packs, but I can't seem to find any sort of update/edit feature :X Do I have to upload again?

    Can I let users who already bought said pack access the updated version with no additional cost?

    Many pardons in case it's a clearly labelled feature and I'm just being blind

  • Ravenmore yes there is, you have to go to one of your products (in admin) then look under "version" (in green header) there is normally a "1" , click that, and then you have the option to upload again, you have to select "update to existing version" , once uploaded, i select the new version as the default one, even if its in approvel state, (it will read v2, but its the updated version)

    if you want to keep the current version, like v1, v2 you choose upload new version and give it a name

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  • Thank you! I think I found that option once, but gone completely braindead since then

    Probably a "Update Version" label would help the mentally challenged such as myself

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