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  • Dear Tom hi,

    I've just finished translating the Beginner's guide to Construct 2 tutorial in Greek. I must say, it was some feat!

    The thing is that after submitting it, everything is... shifted to the right, like a weird "right justify" thing, but not quite... The foul-stops are... mirrored and even the site's layout is warped somehow... As far I can tell, this is happening only on the Greek translation!

    Have I messed up something? Is there anything that you can do about it?

    By the way, I wanted to thank you and congratulate you for fixing the logging in/out problem, it was very frustrating but now everything is smooth and stable

    Best regards,


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  • You might be better off posting this in the Website Issues section and page Tom to check it out for you.

  • You are right zenox98 somehow I skipped that that section when I was looking for a relative category . How can I move the topic from general to the Website Issues and Feedback section...?

  • Just page one of the mods. I'm sure they'd be happy to assist.

  • zenox98

    Thank you, I contacted Arima and the topic is now moved to the appropriate section!

  • Tom

    Can you please give your insight in relation to this problem?

    I kinda went overboard choosing the top tutorial, took me 4 days to complete and, as it is now is hard and confusing to read in Greek, it's somewhat a waste of effort

    No pressure, if it's something hard just let me know!

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