trying to comment in arcade flagged as spam

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  • Hello I was just here at this game in the arcade:

    And I attempted to leave the following comment:

    wesome! just needs more robots to appear on screen when the shaking starts to get that real Harlem Shake effect. :D going to be sending my wife to try this one as soon as she wakes up.

    and instead of getting the satisfaction of complimenting a fellow designers good work I get a box telling me that my comment looks like spam and if I attempt to comment again I will be banned (or something to that effect)

    Anyone know whats up with that? Do I have to worry that if I comment on a game I will be banned?

    I hope this post doesn't come off rude but I am slightly annoyed.

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  • Hi, the comments are monitored by an automatic plugin (Askimet) which can have some quirks (I believe it's hard testing some terms, and I wouldn't be surprised if lately spam robots have been using words like "Harlem Shake" ^^)

    Tom is adapting the plugin to the website on a regular basis.

  • Hello,

    Kyatric is right it's an automated spam detection service incorrectly marking you as a suspected spammer.

    Your account is now whitelisted so you wont ever see the notice again!

    I understand it is frustrating, however the only alternative we seem to have is to disable it completely and be flooded with spam. Generally speaking, it does seem to catch just about all of the genuine spammers but it does hit a false positive every now and then.

  • OK cool thanks :). I do understand the need for proper content control and anti-spam measures so its cool no worries :)

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