three js Get position in space of 2 objects

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  • I have two squares in space which are something like front and back wall of cube

    one vith vertices

    x=-2, y=-1138, z=-2

    x=-2, y=-1134, z=-2

    x=2, y=-1138, z=-2

    x=2, y=-1134, z=-2


    x=-2, y=1134, z=2

    x=-2, y=1138, z=2

    x=2, y=1134, z=2

    x=2, y=1138, z=2

    when I calculate distanceTo from camera like this

    var point1 =;

    var point2 = this.mesh.cubePlane3.children[0].matrixWorld.getPosition().clone();

    var distance = point1.distanceTo( point2 );

    I have always the same distance for both 20,09. These squres are rotated in space, so only rotation is changed and I would need somehow find out which wall is closer to camera to be able to do something that in cube 3 walls closer to camera are not displayed and next 3 walls are displayed.

    And obviously I do not understand math behind this, for example why walls which are next to each other one have positive coordinates for y and next negative + why distance is the same value, when one is closer on z axis than second. Can you pls someone help me how I can get closer walls? Thank you

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  • I think you're on the wrong forum. This forum is not for general purpose javascript, but for construct 2, which does not have three.js integrated.

  • you better ask question in stack overflow

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