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  • My music portfolio thread vanished. I was editing the original post, clicked save and was greeted with a 'The requested topic does not exist message'. It seems to be completely gone; I can't find it through search and it doesn't show up in my topics under my account either. The topic was here:

    Any chance a mod could restore it for me? Thanks for reading.

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  • Anyone know who I can email to find out if this can be resolved?

  • I guess it's the antispam bot's fault, sometimes he deletes threads which contain urls.

    I don't know in what cases he takes action. It must be some kind of bug.

    Or maybe some spammer replied to your thread with an ad link.

  • Anyone know who I can email to find out if this can be resolved?

    I think it's Tom who looks after website issues so maybe email or tag him in a post with Tom

    I had a post of mine disappear recently too. It was just an encouraging reply to someone who posted about a game they were working on with a link to a similar game. i just chalked it up to the same website issues that keep logging me out, but I guess that could have been swept up by an anti-spam bot too.

  • Thanks for the advice! I've sent an email to Tom.

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