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  • I want to submit a tutorial written in Chinese but it says you must submit a tutorial written in English. Why not add a list for the initial tutorial language? For example there is a tutorial (261) Russian Tutorial written in Russian but the website marks it as 'English tutorial'.

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  • I see and understand your point, but maybe the reasoning behind these requirements are that first and foremost, this is an English forum, and as is often stated by Admin and mods, all posts should be in English, with an English translation provided.

    If, as your post hints at, you are proficient in English, then posting in English initially and then posting in your native language shouldn't be too difficult.

    It would certainly be of benefit to more people if you could, as I doubt many could translate from Chinese to English.

    Just my thoughts, but Tom will be able to clarify for certain.

  • This is just a guess, bu I assume that the russian one does have an english variant?

    It would seem to me that scirra prefers to know whats in and on their website ....

    And this is just a wild guess, but I dont think ashley and tom speak chinese and or russian ....

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